Northern Saw Whet Owl Banding Station

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We established a northern saw whet owl banding station in Paul Smiths, NY on 21 October 2011 and moved the station to Dickinson Center in 2014. We are part of project owl net and look to learn more about our resident population. The goals of the Northern Adirondack Saw-Whet Owl Research program are to:

1) Monitor long-term changes in northern saw-whet owl (NSWO) populations.

2) Track timing of migration of age/sex groups.

3) Study stopover patterns.

4) Study molt and other aspects of biology in NSWOs.

5) Use owls and owl banding to educate the public about conservation and wildlife issues.

6) Train volunteers in bird-banding techniques.

7) Used to train students in raptor research methods.

8) Oberve owl numbers in correlation with prey indices


The Saw Whet Owl Banding Station opens on 20 September and runs through 10 November.  Nets are open a half an hour after sunset and may stay open until sunrise on busy nights and only until 11:00 PM on slow nights.  We have captured owls from as far away as Duluth, MN. and have caught owls that are 6 years old.