The Great Snowy Owl Caper Book Cover

The artwork for the book is done.  Kristin Towne did an amazing job with it.  The manuscript and illustrations have been sent out to be type set and then we are ready to publish.

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  1. Hello Mark,

    Tristan, myself and my hubby Sean were at your talk last night at LPL : We met Regis, Morley and Wednesday! We had such a lovely time.

    I’m ( Kim ) a buyer /stylist with ADK store ( and responsible for doing the Christmas decorations at LPL ), anyway…animals, rescue and supporting the work involved is my life’s blood. Not only would the ADKstore like to carry your book as part of our offerings to our customers, but I would love to help you tag or capture and so would Tristan…

    Please don’t forget us.
    518 354 0458

    • Hello Kim

      Let’s stay in touch. I will be starting to focus on the airports soon. Also, my book should be out by the new year…I hope!

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