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Saw Whet Owl Banding Story on North Country Public Radio

Catching and banding a saw-whet owl BY DOYLE DEAN (PRODUCTION MANAGER) , IN DICKINSON CENTER, NEW YORK Nov 02, 2018 — The northern saw-whet owl population is being monitored and evaluated through a national effort known as Project Owlnet. Biologist Mark Manske leads a local endeavor to…

The Great Snowy Owl Caper Book Cover

The artwork for the book is done.  Kristin Towne did an amazing job with it.  The manuscript and illustrations have been sent out to be type set and then we are ready to publish.

Hawk Watch Video

Paul Smiths College

Dominique with Tess

Found this gem from years ago.

Adventures with Stoney: The Great Snowy Owl Caper

I am gearing up to release my first book.  It is an adventure geared toward middle school aged boys (girls tend to read anyhow).  It is the first is what I hope will be a series depicting the adventures of Marvin Stone (aka. Stoney). …

Adirondack Raptors is featured in the peregrine Funds American Kestrel Partnership

The Peregrine Fund highlighted us this season on their American Kestrel Partnership newsletter.  It is an honor to be deemed worthy to have been featured.   american-kestrel-partnership-quarterly-fall-1281278?e=bae23ce67a