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Dominique with Tess

Found this gem from years ago.

Adventures with Stoney: The Great Snowy Owl Caper

I am gearing up to release my first book.  It is an adventure geared toward middle school aged boys (girls tend to read anyhow).  It is the first is what I hope will be a series depicting the adventures of Marvin Stone (aka. Stoney). …

Adirondack Raptors is featured in the peregrine Funds American Kestrel Partnership

The Peregrine Fund highlighted us this season on their American Kestrel Partnership newsletter.  It is an honor to be deemed worthy to have been featured.   american-kestrel-partnership-quarterly-fall-1281278?e=bae23ce67a

Raptor rescuer saving snowy owls from airports

By W.T. ECKERT WECKERT@WDT.NET PUBLISHED: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2018 AT 5:15 AM DICKINSON CENTER — He is young, only 2 years old, is undernourished and is far from his Arctic home, in search of food. But, as his saucer-shaped gold and black eyes peer out…

Fran Hamerstrom on with Letterman…near the end

Francis Hamerstrom reminiscing about Aldo Leopold

Operation Rescue Snowy Owl

Full Moon Howl 5 – Collapse of Civilizations

If you look at our short time on the planet, one thing is blatantly obvious.  Our days on this planet are numbered.  History is full of examples of empires that have collapsed.  From the Anasazi civilization in Chaco Canyon in now New Mexico and…

Full Moon Howl 4 – Islands

Today there is a political battle brewing pertaining to the ideal size of the federal government.  Conservatives feel that the federal government should be minimal as stated in the Constitution and liberals feel that it should be expanded to cover many safeguards for health care,…