The 2016 American Kestrel season

With the 15th season under our belt, it is time for a little reflection.  During the season we banded an additional 195 chicks which brings us up to 1739 chicks that reached banding age.  When we first started we had 51 kestrels on the study…

On the Shoulders of Giants

After two winters, Project SNOWstorm has accomplished a lot — and we’re getting ready for another winter of work. So far, this winter has been a lesson in the complexities of Snowy Owl dynamics. There was an early movement of owls into the northern…

The Hamerstrom Days

End of the 2015 Northern Saw Whet Owl Banding Season

Nets were closed on the 5th season (2015) 0n 11 November. We caught 81 owls, 53 HY, 8 AHY, 11 SY, 8 ASY and 1 ATY.  Of the 81, 61 were female, 12 were male and 8 were unknown. 

Banding together for raptor research: P-R writer learns from nature expert

Banding together for raptor research

2015 Saw Whet Owl Season

The 2015 saw whet owl season started on 20 September and we intend to close the nets on 6 November. The nets are opened 0.5 hours after sunset and run until there are no more owls or (if there is no activity) 11:00 PM….

The 2015 Saw Whet Owl Season is almost upon us

The 2015 Saw Whet Owl

Franklin County Fair

Emily, the birds and I have spent this week at the 165th Franklin County Fair in Malone, NY.  Morley and Mortimer have been carrying the lion’s share of the burden, but they have been great.   

The summer of 2015

The birds and I have been very busy this summer and we have had a few new additions. On 26 April, I picked up Mortimer our young male Harris Hawk.  Mortimer has become a great asset to Adirondack Raptors.  He loves to fly around…

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