Riding with Morley

I picked up Morley, my Eurasian Eagle Owl from Rick West when he was 13 days old.  Through the past 15 months we have driven tens of thousands of miles together.  During these rides, Morley sits on the arm rest, back of the passenger seat, back of the driver’s seat, or on his perch in the back seat.  Needless to say, we draw a lot of interested looks going down the highway.  We have gone through traffic detours and highway checkpoints where the police officer was completely flabbergasted by his presence. Every so often, I glance over while stopped at a traffic light and see awed faces plastered against the windows of cars beside mine as the people stare in disbelief.

During our rides throughout the countryside, Morley stares out the window at the passing landscape.  He bobs his head and stares at objects that grab his attention.  Crows and rode signs particularly interest him.


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  1. We enjoyed “Morley” and his friends, learning about raptors! ( Oh, we enjoyed you and your enthusiasm!) (White Face lodge)

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