Twelfth American Kestrel Nest Box Management Season

The American kestrel was once believed to be an unshakeable pillar of the American (North, Central and South) ecosystems, but during the past few decades this pillar has been slowly eroded. It is believed that there are 1.2 million breeding pairs in North America with equal numbers in both Central and South America. They are the most common falcon in the Americas, but concerns have been building since the 1970s as their population has slowly crumbled. Lack of nesting cavities and loss of family farmland habitat has done a number on this species. The kestrel is only one example of the degradation of the natural world. It is believed that there has been a steady decline of kestrels since 1966 and we could have lost as many as 4% in a given year during this period. This is why we manage and monitor these birds in our area. Since we established the kestrel nest box project in northern New York, our numbers have increased by 6 fold. We begin our twelfth season in less than 2 weeks. Come and join us for the day and experience a once in a lifetime day and help these amazing creatures.

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